Anthony Thomas

Front End HTML and SEO Developer since 1996


HTML Developers Certificate

July 2013, HTML Developers Certificate, w3Schools
January 2016, CSS Developers Certificate, w3Schools
January 2016, JavaScript Developers Certificate, w3Schools
Fall 2003, Introduction to Computers, Houston Community College
1989 GED from the State of California



Work Experience

December 2017 from June 2009, Volunteering with Magnificat House, Inc.
Administrative Worker,
Front End Webpage Developer,
Mail Room Manager,
Deploy and Maintain IT Office Equipment.

December 2006 from June 2005, Assistant Special Needs House Manager
June 2005 from March 2001, House Manager
Present 2005 from January 1999, Driver/Errands
March 2001 from January 1999, Assistant House Manager
January 1999 from October 1998, Office Helper
Responsibilities included some IT work, scheduling activities for people in an effort to move them up from homelessness to the level of poverty.
Driving regular routes from different houses to a central meeting area and a soup kitchen.
Courier driving; picking up and delivering mail and donations.

With Magnificat Houses, Inc.
P.O. Box 8486
Houston, Texas 77288


1998 from 1992, Day Labor and Odd Jobs
Houston, Texas 77002
Responsibilities included showing up for and completing labor pool jobs.


1992 from 1988, Telemarketer, Carpet Layers Helper and MudLogger
New Hampshire, Tennessee, California, Florida and Texas
Responsibilities included cold calling customers and answering a 900 number telemarketing.
Installing Carpet and floor covering products (summers).
Logging Wells for the presence of Oil and Gas (winters).


1988 from 1982, Carpet and Floor Installer and MudLogger
Houston, Texas
Apprentice and Carpet and Floor Installation Subcontractor.
Apprentice Well Logging Subcontractor (for Oil and Gas).


Volunteer Work

Volunteering with Magnificat Houses Programs


Rose Mary Badami, Founder of Magnificat Houses, 713-661-8179
John Reece, Director Magnificat Houses, 713-520-0461
Richard Carter, Database Administrator, 713-295-9497
James Gergen, System Architect, 281-799-9819


Copyrights for a couple of dozen amusements and looking.
Familiar with the terms "Title" and "Expression of Copyright"

Interests and Activities


Photography, Handy with a Nikon D3300

Personal Information

Texas Drivers License # available .
Social Security # available .
EIN : available

Contact Information